Hang Tough

Rogan Brothers

Hang Tough

  1. Hang Tough


I can see it in your eyes there’s something missing from your world
You don’t know what it is, maybe something that you heard
There’s always something better, is always what it seems
You would rather lose it all than find out what it means
There’s a picture in your mind of what you’re looking for
If you had it in your hands, there’s always something more
And after you find it—what else is there to find
I ain’t gonna sell out and I ain’t gonna buy it

{Hang tough, hang tough
If you don’t know what you got—you got enough 

Hang tough, hang tough
If you don’t know what you need—you got enough
and Hang it up}

I’m running out of love and I’m running out of time
I’m running out of patience for my own mind
Looking for something That ain’t inside of me
I want it all But I don’t know what I need
It’s a black hole  Living for the fluff
Got it all but its never enough
Somehow that darkness it gets ahold of me
I got to fight off the American disease