Josh Rogan is a guitar-playing singer-songwriter born in Virginia. He received his first guitar at age seven.

Songwriting and storytelling came naturally as a way to connect.

The world has a song
And I want to sing along
With you.

—Josh Rogan, I Don’t Feel the Same

Phone: ‭434.989.1629‬

// Gigs

Millers Downtown

12.30.22  |  9:30

// Gig History

Solo Gigs 2012 – Present
Josh set the tone perfectly with his richly original sound and unmatched enthusiasm. His energy is truly contagious and he has a unique ability to connect with people of all ages. If you are planning a wedding, we highly recommend that you include Josh and his guitar.   
—Wedding client

Josh played several events my company sponsored during consecutive Food and Wine Fests. He was always punctual, professional and a delight to work with.  But the magic happened when he plugged in and played. His versatility was always showcased, given the variety of the events, he played for us.  Whether it was a mellow jazzy brunch or a rocking rooftop party, Josh always set the mood, struck the chord perfectly, and had the crowds smiling, swaying, and singing along.

I would never hesitate to recommend him for any event and look forward to working with him again, in the future.

—Doug Clark, American Beverage Marketers

Like most couples planning a wedding, we set out to create the perfect day for ourselves and for our family and friends sharing the day with us. Having known Josh and his musical talent, we trusted him to play whatever tunes came to mind. He played during the cocktail hour and our ceremony.
Wedding client

Something about Josh, his music, and his persona is magnetic and very welcoming. He knows how to play well in the ambiance of the room and the energy of the crowd, adjusting his music styles seamlessly. I highly recommend Josh’s talent.

—Jeff Solondz, Food & Beverage Manager, Hotel Jermone